FarmKlass Connect Ltd is an agricultural technology firm that provides automated solar-powered irrigation systems to farmers. Our systems are built to supply specific water requirements of crops, hence making sure your crops receive the required amount of water at the right time needed for their optimum growth and yields. Our irrigation systems are suitable for vegetable farms, cereals farms, nurseries, urban home gardens, plantations and parks, and gardens.
The aim of the project is to provide income earning opportunities for employed and unemployed groups/associations that will aid them in their carriers. The project will work with groups interested in mushrooms production for consumption and income generation through the sale of the mushroom. Associations/groups will be the driving force for the project, besides the economic benefits, they will be empowered also through technical transfer of knowledge on mushroom growing. However, the project sustainability will be hinged on the active involvement and support of the key stakeholders.
Landless farms seek to share knowledge on the modern art and science of indoor mushroom cultivation to the Upper West Region. It is a profitable agri-business venture capable of improving livelihoods and diets, reducing waste, empowering women and youth, boosting micro enterprises and conserving natural resources.